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Mottura Primitivo del Salento

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Zinfandel... Primitivo.. what's the difference? Both are clones of the Croatian varietal Crljenak, and while they share the same basic flavors, you'll generally find pretty big style differences between them. Wines labeled as Zinfandel are usually grown in central California, where the grape develops plump, ripe fruit flavors and high sugar content. That sugar doesn't always translate to sweetness (although it can, particularly in the 'White' versions of Zinfandel), but it does usually mean high alcohol and a big, robust mouthfeel. \n \nIn contrast, Primitivo, which is grown in the Puglia region on the heel of Italy's boot, tends to be earthier and more spicy than its New World counterpart. With structured tannins and notes of dried herbs and pepper to balance out the dark berry flavors, these are classic food wines that pair beautifully with grilled meats. \n \nAnd if you're looking for a great Primitivo that truly overdelivers for its price, you'd be hard pressed to find a better value than the Mottura. Produced at a winery that was first founded in 1927, this quintessential barbecue wine offers deep flavors of black raspberry, crushed blueberry, dried Italian herbs, and cracked black pepper. It has just enough mouth-coating richness to balance out that charred meat, yet its beautifully ripe fruit notes also make it a smooth summer sipper.