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Markou Savatiano

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Attika, Greece might not be a terribly famous wine region, but the country's most famous viticultural export comes from that ancient area (which was also where Greek mythology says that the god Dionysos introduced winemaking to humans). Retsina is an intriguing style of white wine that's heavily influenced by pine resin. Only made in Greece, the act of adding resin to wine before fermentation began thousands of years ago as a way to prevent wine from spoiling by oxygen exposure; today, tradition and local tastes keep it alive. While old-school retsina is becoming less popular, many winemakers in Attika continue to use its traditional Savatiano grape variety for drier, higher quality styles of white wine. \n \nThe 2018 vintage of Markou Vineyards' Savatiano isn't particularly oaky but shows off a nice medium body good richness on the palate, exhibiting the expected elegance of Savatiano wines not treated with pine resin. Aromas of pineapple, honey, stone fruits, and delicate banana lead into flavors of honeydew melon, apricot, and peach on the palate. An excellent food wine, it offers a soft, ponderous finish of citrus and grass. 91 Points, Decanter World Wine Awards.