Pagos del Rey ‘Sentero’ Tinta de Toro

Pagos del Rey ‘Sentero’ Tinta de Toro


Toro, Spain

Made From: Tempranillo

Tastes Like: Blackberry, Vanilla, Peppercorn

This delectable bottle comes from Pagos del Rey, an estate committed to combining Spain’s traditional spirit and diverse winemaking talent to create top-tier bottles at everyday prices. Since 2002 the estate has been crafting outstanding wines from Spain’s most prestigious regions, including the hot and desolate Toro. Their ‘Sentero’ Tempranillo is made from only the toughest vines that produce small, concentrated grapes of unparalleled concentration and intensity. With aromas of ripe berries and cranberry and powerful flavors of red fruits, toasted vanilla, cracked peppercorn, and dark chocolate, this full-bodied red is truly a fantastic value!

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