Italian Values 6-Pack


Italian Values 6-Pack


Move over Brunello – as much as we love you, you’re not a Monday night kind of wine. Here is a wonderful selection of Italian values that prove you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great Old World wine! You’ll taste a crisp, mineral Pinot Grigio and a unique Rose version of the grape; a light and easy-going Sangiovese that competes with your favorite Chianti; a couple of bold southern reds that put California to shame; and a fantastic value blend from a 100-point Brunello producer.

  1. Fernanda Cappello Pinot Grigio – Pinot Grigio is a whole lot more than lemon water, especially when it comes from Alpine climates. This stunning example from Fernanda Cappello offers crisp notes of Granny Smith apples, citrus zest, and fresh flower blossoms. Well-balanced acidity and gorgeous minerality lead into a clean finish.
  2. La Jara Rose – Pinot Grigio doesn’t just make white wines – it can make orange and rose bottlings too! This pink Pinot Grigio is an unusual example from the northeastern corner of the country, where Italian winemaking styles converge with those of neighboring Slovenia and Croatia. This organic rose offers flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus notes that lead into a zesty, almond-driven finish.
  3. Cavaliere d’Oro Primitivo – If you love California Zinfandel, you won’t want to miss this Primitivo from southern Italy. Zinfandel and Primitivo are nearly identical grapes, offering many of the same dark fruit, vanilla, and dried herb notes. This one, a Puglian side-project by a famed Chianti producer, is medium-bodied with enticing cherry, plum, blackberry, and vanilla flavors.
  4. iLauri ‘Salto’ Sangiovese – You don’t have to pay Chianti Classico prices to get a good Sangiovese! This bottle from Abruzzo offers incredible value for the price. Classic flavors of cherry, berries, dried herbs, and spices are framed by a medium body and balanced tannins.
  5. Li Veli Primonero – A bold, earthy wine crafted by the “Wizard of Wine” for one of southern Italy’s best wineries. Made from the Negroamaro grape, this staff favorite tastes like a dry tawny Port – it’s nutty, with stewed red fruits, savory leather, and spices on the palate.
  6. Ciacci Piccolomini Super Tuscan – An entry-level Super Tuscan blend by a 100-point Brunello producer known for their classic expressions of Sangiovese. This Baby Brunello offers bright cherry, sultry tobacco, red plum, and leather flavors on the bold palate.
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Tastes Like: Lemon, Mineral, Pear
Tastes Like: Stone Fruit, Red Berries
Tastes Like: Ripe Cherries, Sweet Cocoa, Vanilla, Dried Herbs
Tastes Like: Cherry, Oregano, Tomato
Tastes Like: Dark Plums, Red Flowers, Peppercorns
Tastes Like: Cherries, Tobacco, Spice

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